"Waveland" By COUNTRY FLORIST is Out Now...

WAVELAND: With limbs loose, and fingers ready, push the button... Don’t flight it, light it... On Waveland, as Country Florist, Andrew Morgan presents the world with contorted takes on bedroom-housed produced disco without disco, if you catch the lingo. These tunes are heartbeat focused for on/off dance floor fulfillment that one’s whole body requires. With Waveland’s deep tones, melancholic moods, and playful grooves, the air in this house travels both sweet and smoky. 

Taking cues from previously released projects, his EP as ETTIEM on Cosmo Vitelli’s I’m a Cliché label and his CF-3 cassette on Drawing Room, Andrew Morgan moves his night-beat rhythms forward and well past midnight on Waveland. Headphone and dance floor pleasures are abundant with multiple plays providing maximum everything.

In mid-south US vernacular, Waveland is where the Pine Belt meets the beach. It’s fine though. They have nice casinos. The rhythmic wilderness is doing just fine there my friend.

COUNTRY FLORIST: Though Little Rock’s mythological artists and musicians tend to stay off radar, the region has always been a flourishing community of constant creativity, and La Petite Roche’s Andrew Morgan is no exception. In this supposed dancing wasteland, Mr.Morgan, has a quite a long list of creative based music projects.

Best known for being one half of experimental rock duo CHINESE GIRLS and his other dance /dj moniker ETTIEM, with releases on Drawing Room and I’m a Cliché (France), respectively, Andrew’s love for twisted takes on house, disco, and anything rhythmic has been his most focused musical headspace for well over a decade now.

Born in Mississippi for the bargain low cost of four silver dollars at a US Air Force base hospital, Mr. Morgan eventually relocated to the Natural State in search of tennis courts for higher learning and the region’s famed diamond mines, finally settling in North Little Rock where he resides with his wife and trouble-makin’ felines.

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Author: Jeff Kuykendall