Reverse Forecast by Untight is Available on Bandcamp Now!!!

Reverse Forecast by Untight is Available on Bandcamp Now!!!

Untight is a meditative experience floating outside of time which creates new aural perceptions attune to deeper cosmologies.

The project of artist/musician Sam king, Untight, sprang to life in early 2019, in Fayetteville, AR…


Untight combines the influence non-Western intonation, think Harry Partch or La Monte Young, with do-it-yourself ethics informed by King’s experience in music booking and performance in northwest Arkansas. The guitar harnesses precedents of anti-virtuosic artists like Rhys Chatham or Glenn Branca. Eschewing traditional rock/pop structures, individual motives accrue into orchestral ambience. King’s microtonal tuning introduces both purely intoned harmony and bracing friction, enabling his improvisations to unfold with paradoxically deliberate urgency...

Drawing Room is quite excited to release Reverse Forecast, the debut cassette for Untight... Reverse Forecast is available now on Bandcamp, as both a very limited cassette (50 mail order copies) and an unlimited digital version. 


Author: Jeff Kuykendall