Country Florist

Country Florist...

Though Little Rock’s legendary and mythological artists and musicians tend to stay off radar maps entirely, the city has always been a quiet and busy community of constant creativity, and La Petite Roche’s Andrew Morgan is no exception. Born in early 1970s Mississippi for the bargain low cost of four silver dollars at a US Air Force base hospital, Mr. Morgan relocated to the Natural State in the 1990s in search of tennis courts for higher learning and the region’s famed diamond mines, eventually settling in North Little Rock where he still resides.

Always with a guitar in one hand and a satchel of dancing records in the other, Mr. Morgan has quite a long list of creative based music projects. Although he is probably best known for being one half of experimental rock duo CHINESE GIRLS and his dance / dj moniker ETTIEM, with releases on Max Recordings and I’m a Cliché (France), respectively, his love for twisted takes on pop has always been the impetus for anything he takes on. In rock journalism lingo, Andrew Morgan is Little Rock’s back beat echo to New Zealand’s ethereal Roy Montgomery. Vocally, Mr. Morgan is a tuneful version of Calvin Johnson.

Primarily a solo affair, it is Mr. Morgan’s work as COUNTRY FLORIST that is closest to his heart. With some tracks dating back almost two decades, these songs are under-polished gems of dark guitar-based home-recorded pop that are lyrically reflective and personal. That said, Drawing Room is quite thrilled to begin releasing these previously private recordings for Andrew.            


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