Country Florist

Though Little Rock’s mythological artists and musicians tend to stay off radar, the region has always been a flourishing community of constant creativity, and La Petite Roche’s Andrew Morgan is no exception. In this supposed dancing wasteland, Mr. Morgan, has a quite a long list of creative based music projects.

Best known for being one half of experimental rock duo CHINESE GIRLS and his other dance /dj moniker ETTIEM, with releases on Drawing Room and I’m a Cliché (France), respectively, Andrew’s love for twisted takes on house, disco, and anything rhythmic has been his most focused musical headspace for well over a decade now.

Primarily a solo affair, it is Mr. Morgan’s work as COUNTRY FLORIST that is closest to his heart. With some tracks dating back almost two decades, these songs are under-polished gems of dark guitar-based home-recorded pop that are lyrically reflective and personal. That said, Drawing Room is quite thrilled to begin releasing these previously private recordings for Andrew.            


Country Florist/Ettiem Soundcloud