"Lonesome Bootleg" LP from Tom Carter & Robert Horton - Available March 17, 2017 From Bandcamp

Lonesome Bootleg:

As with many legendary recorded bootlegs, the myth is always twice as tall as the truth, and that statement is only appropriate when the fable is factual. The wonder and ponder of it all is best left for cloud dreaming. In reality, headspace filled with visionary music can only be satiated when finally experienced. Yeah, we’ve all acquired a thing or two from western man’s endless unlocking of Robert Zimmerman’s magical vaults.

Upon the extremely tardy release of Lonesome Bootleg, a secret door from the collaborations between Tom Carter and Robert Horton has finally been open, and with this unveiling, one’s dream experience now has earthbound journeys to intake. Recorded between 2007 and 2014 with Carter on guitar and Horton on a plethora of instruments, Lonesome Bootleg is a beautiful visit into the wandering American tall tale where everything and anything wonderful feels possible. It’s a gorgeous set of instrumental tunes that melds present and past US song centuries into something of its own unique time. For travelers and journeymen, it’s a required musical compass.

Bootleg Series:

Lonesome Bootleg is the third release in Drawing Room’s Bootleg Series. Limited to one-time vinyl pressings of one hundred copies, this series showcases artists and albums in an adventurously intimate setting. An unlimited digital release is also available for each volume.

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Author: Jeff Kuykendall