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Samara Lubelski… Drawing Room is quite most proud to officially announce the new album of songs from Samara, The Gilded Raid. It's gorgeous, it's exquisite, and of course, you will need this...

...Yes, Samara Lubelski knows how to make highly refined “pop” records, and her newest album, The Gilded Raid, is the best example yet of her baroque genius. Of course and completely understood, this statement may come as a surprise for those most familiar with Lubelski’s more “outer” sounds, but alas, it’s a wonderful thing indeed. With all of Lubelski’s lovely pastoral and ethereal understandings fully in place on The Gilded Raid, the album is a most splendid beauty that celebrates the forthcoming other-worldly new age. In other words, it’s nighttime music for the new time.

For The Gilded Raid, Lubelski worked with her long-time collaborators, Metabolismus, and recorded it at their studio, Sumsilobatem, located in the village of Degenfeld near Stuttgart Germany. With her well-seasoned team in place, it was inevitable that only a tuneful garden of magical blessedness would be created. Closer to being psychic than psychedelic, The Gilded Age is more than just harmonious with the current world and the next. It’s the full-fledged portal we’ve been hoping for.

The dimension that Samara Lubelski has created with The Gilded Raid is a sought after realm for dreaming and time travelling, and the album showcases Ms. Lubelski at her extrasensory summit with a welcoming pop openness. One’s senses will develop new and forward awareness upon repeated listen...

Pressed on 180-gram, the initial LP pressing is limited to 350 copies. An unlimited download version is also available.

The album is available Here and at our Bandcamp site. See the following link for more information:

Samara Lubelski – The Gilded Raid LP




Author: Jeff Kuykendall