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Charalambides...What can be said that hasn’t already been said? Formed in 1991, Charalambides has always and will forever be the constant core duo of Tom and Christina Carter. Though music scenes and genre classifications ceaselessly change, this duo has stayed “wholly-other” dedicated to a “vision of spiritual music (in all its forms) as transformative force.” The sound of Charalambides is beyond unique. Personal and consistent, it moves forward and outwardly in radical shifts and strategies.

With that stated, Drawing Room is quite thrilled to finally announce the first time vinyl issue of two important yet often unheard works in the Charalambides canon, Strangle the Wretched Heavens and Glowing Raw. Previously issued in small runs of CDRs, both albums are absolutely essential listening and more than simply demonstrate the mystique that is Charalambides.

Following one of their earliest seminal releases, the almighty Market Square, Strangle the Wretched Heavens is the very next chapter. Dark and intense, the album is pure beauty inside and out. Created around the same time as the crucial Houston album, Glowing Raw is Charalambides in essential and raw form. It’s powerful and potent. The magic of both albums is almost indescribable, but their might can be physically felt completely.

Both albums are pressed on 180-gram vinyl housed in full color matte jackets (with downloads) and include foldout posters.

For a limited time, we are selling both LPs as a package deal at a discounted rate. See the following links for more information (or our releases page):

Charalambides – Strangle the Wretched Heavens LP

Charalambides – Glowing Raw LP

Charalambides – Package Deal for Both LPs

Author: Jeff Kuykendall

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