Artist: Cruel Diagonals

Pulse of Indignation

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  • Disambiguation

    With Disambiguation, the masterpiece debut album from Megan Mitchell and Cruel Diagonals, Mitchell delivered a world-without-day of a record to surround the listener with rumbling electronic sounds and tones, inventive vocals, and early origin rhythms that penetrate the astral divine in us all. Stunningly high and gorgeously heavy, the album is and will always be in complete sync with the lower earth. Needless to say, it is pure magic leaving the listener wanting more, hence Pulse of Indignation.

    Pulse of Indignation... 

    Written alongside and as a follow-up to Disambiguation, Cruel Diagonals’ debut, Pulse of Indignation is a mighty next leap in Megan Mitchell’s musical trajectory. Whereas, for Mitchell, Disambiguation was about sense-making and uncovering some of the traumas surrounding Mitchell’s early musical career as an adolescent and young adult, Pulse of Indignation is about recognizing the exploitation, grooming, and pain that she was subjected to as a young woman under the watchful eye of men with power in the music industry. It's about harnessing the righteous anger, repulsion, and indeed, indignation, at the proliferation of these experiences for young women and non-men. If Disambiguation was about mourning the loss of Mitchell’s self-volition through uncovering layers of previously obscured suffering, Pulse of Indignation is about moving through to the next stage and owning the narrative she projects into the world.

    Detail EP Information... 

    As part of the initial Disambiguation release, Mitchell and Drawing Room simultaneously issued a cassette-only EP of material recorded during or right after Disambiguation. Entitled Pulse of Indignation, the cassette EP is a glorious release in and of itself. Drawing Room now honorably releases a digital version of this wonderful portfolio of music to the world. Included in this expanded digital edition are a revised track order and an all-new track entitled ‘Itinerant Solitude’.


    All tracks written, recorded, and mixed by Megan Mitchell at home in 2018
    Artwork by Megan Mitchell
    Mastered by Kevin Durr

    Special thanks to: Amir Abbey, Maren Atherton, Sarah Badr, Hanna Benn, Alex Bond, Nicole Carr, Cecilia Corsano-Leopizzi, Randall Dunn, Kevin Durr, Natasha El-Sergany, Glenna Fitch, Aidan Hanratty, Monika Khot, Lily Kosmicki, Jeff Kuykendall, Jake Muir, James Murphy, Sam Parker, Samantha Pease, Suzy Poling, Dave Segal, Samantha Sermeño, Aloiso Wilmoth, Patricia Wolf


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