Artist: Dora Bleu

Fascism's Intimacy

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  • Fascism's Intimacy:

    Speaking in tongues is spiritual communication that is both celestial and infernal. Its power is neither wholly human nor otherworldly, and its beautifully positive or damningly negative results lay somewhere in between with the earthly side never having full access. It is not for the faint of heart nor for the unbelieving, but used appropriately, its captured potency is a most effective form of communication.

    The music of Dora Bleu is an apex of the creative form of this practice. It is hauntingly intense and complexly grounded for definite, but its gorgeous enraptured vibrancy transfers the aural senses to gloriously new and unseen colors. It is a heavy and shimmering trip most worthy of taking again and again. Mortal forms of communications have yet to create words to best illustrate this awesome flight.

    With Fascism’s Intimacy, Dora brings this artistic ceremony to the new world to hear and experience. It’s a gorgeous blend of both new and old coupled with songwriting and experimentation. Canonical artists such as Ruth Ann Friedman, Linda Perhacs, and Christina Carter will immediately come to mind alongside many other guitar greats with a list too long to publish here. In addition, the talented American guitarist Marc Ribot provides backing and potion to the album. It’s definitely most required listening.


    Detail Album Information:

    For its 35th release, Drawing Room Records pleasingly presents Fascism’s Intimacy from Dora Bleu. The album is a darkly gorgeous experimental expression of guitar and voice imprinted with talented Marc Ribot.

    Mastered by Amy Dragon for Telegraph Mastering and pressed on 180-gram vinyl, the LP comes in a gorgeous full-color sleeve accompanied by a full-color inner-sleeve and 11x22 fold out poster.

    All of the artwork is collaboration between E Genevieve Williams and Dora, and it is mesmerizingly unforgettable.

    A digital release is also available.






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