Prince Ratchets

We want to reveal many noir secrets on the man that is Prince Ratchets, but per his request, we will suppress these details. Born from family flesh decades ago, Prince Ratchets began his journey in the sweltering and unforgiving lands of the mosquito belt. Strangled by the heat and the religious practices of his homeland, his body survived cuts, scrapes, and emotional loss in order to find love and solace in playing his blood red Telecaster.

Eventually, he found himself in New York City, where bands were formed, pacts were signed, and collections were presented. During this chapter, nameless forces began to beckon Prince Ratchets to create an element solely on his own. Fervently, Prince Ratchets then searched the unfathomable waters of sound for enlightenment all while painfully navigating through the ocean’s currents of non-salvation and despair. Upon return, A Storm of Seas was crafted and recorded to be presented to the many in hope that these tales of travel will bear witness to Prince Ratchet’s journey.

As of now, A Storm of Seas is the only proof of Prince Ratchets’ existence available to the public.