Cellophane Garden

Cellophane Garden...

Currently residing in the protective nature of the Ozarks of northwest Arkansas, Kevin Blagg is a musician, sound artist, and vinyl record curator. Born in the early years of the Me Decade, Mr. Blagg has had a creatively long musical and artistic journey. Not to mention, his deep esoteric knowledge of rare funk and soul and krautrock is prodigious.

With many past musical projects in his back pocket (mostly of the rock guitar and funk n’soul dj varieties), Mr. Blagg is firmly equipped with a well-tuned ear on the pulse of organic sounds. Since his school days at the Kansas City Art Institute, Mr. Blagg has always heard sound as a form of painting. His senior thesis was a collaborative with whom he constructed unorthodox instruments using found objects and rewiring discarded electronics. Live gallery performances were then held to examine the spatial relationships of sound in a controlled environment and the hermeneutics of a blindfolded listener.

Mr. Blagg’s recent musical projects have included playing acoustic and electric guitars for serious audiophile Dante Carfagna, on Mr. Carfagna’s “Express Rising” album (on Numero Group) as well his forthcoming Fixed Rope collaboration. For his current solo work, Mr. Blagg’s use of blissful instrumental guitar atmospherics is otherworldly, think classic era 4AD mixed with the more cerebral moments of 90s era Kranky filtered through a 21st century modernist lens. Newly painted sounds are also imminent.