500mg is Michael Gibbons of monolithic sounds-great-on-any-substance Bardo Pond. With a name inspired by modern-day shaman Terrence McKenna, 500mg represents the essential “heroic dose” of the lysergic. Let’s just say that at this prescription level, only prolific perception-changing experiences can occur. For Mr. Gibbons, his 500mg moniker is a metaphor for the power that music can conjure for a similar (if not higher) elevation of experience.

The music of 500mg primarily features guitar, all facets. Electric vibrations, acoustic treatments, straight and experimental approaches, and of course feedback are all just par for the course. Other instrumentation and items thrown onto the 500mg canvass include synthesizer, percussion, and modern sampling. Occasional voice(s) can also be heard if you knock closely.

With diverse influences ranging from Popol Vuh, Alvarius B, and Sir Richard Bishop to Earth, Jack Rose, and Skullflower, 500mg is definitely a well-blended trove of peyote treasure. By Mr. Gibbons also heavily channeling his own inner Fripp ‘N Eno, 500mg in purest form is essentially stripped down American komische folk raga, if you can even call it that. It’s fuzzed buzzed blissed goodness for all ears.

With full-lengths previously released on Galactic Dossier/Eclipse Records and Three Lobed as well as a few eps too, “To The Firmament” on Drawing Room represents 500mg’s newest album, and it showcases Mr. Gibbons at his optimal apex.