The Vinyl District Gives Sleepyhead's "Future Exhibit Goes Here" An A- !!!

Joseph Neff for The Vinyl District has given Sleepyhead's "Future Exhibit Goes Here" an A- !!! See below (or link)...

Sleepyhead, Future Exhibit Goes Here (Drawing Room):

"Drawing Room’s third recent ’90s indie rock reissue (after Sandra Bell’s Net and a double vinyl edition of Kicking Giant’s debut CD) is a 2LP twinning the second and third full-lengths (Starduster, 1994, and the formerly CD-only Communist Love Songs, ’96) from the NYC trio of bassist Michael Galinsky, drummer-vocalist Rachel McNally, and guitarist-vocalist Chris O’Rourke. Sleepyhead’s thrust can be considered no-frills, essentially alternating betwixt melodic punk and tough power-pop with guitar noise appropriate for the era and scene, so some will likely wonder what’s the big deal. I’ll just say that it went down sweet at the time and gives me a warm feeling now. Comes with a book collecting band reminiscences and Galinsky’s ace photographs." A-

(Joseph Neff, The Vinyl District, 2018)


Author: Jeff Kuykendall