MEDICINE & "Scarred For Life" Is Out Now!!!

“Scarred For Life” is Out Now!!! Only a very few vinyl copies remain!!!

Medicine and Brad Laner

As many previous PR announcements proclaim, “Brad Laner is an American musician and record producer best known for his work with the shoegaze band Medicine, which he founded and leads. Laner is also an active solo artist, recording under the moniker Electric Company as well as releasing albums under his own name. Brian Eno sampled his work, and the list of Laner’s various collaborations, ranging from Lindsay Buckingham to members of Failure and Tool, to a zillion others, reads like a “who’s who” of pop and experimental royalty.”

Laner is a master of multiple music worlds from leftfield experimentation to the popular. Yes, it’s no small feat. Yet, Laner is and will always be a “wall-of-sound” success. In spiritual speak, his structures allow the listener to move through the realms of song craft with a harmonious sense of enlightenment. His sounds pleasure the cerebral realms that euphorically resonate the whole self. (Seek your own preferred guru guide for further translation and/or insight.) 

“Scarred for Life”…

Before streaming playlists dictated the prevalent sounds of the current music landscape, and even well before “That’s What I Call Music” was an easy go to for the La-Z-Boy music fan, there was the K-Tel compilation. With titles such as “Full Tilt”, “High Voltage” and “Chart Explosion”, these samplers provided an economic way to experience the wonders of the AM/FM radio dials. Though some of collections focused on a particular style or demographic, many were as varied as the Top 40 charts could get in their heyday, and they had the potential to provide much pleasure to those who perused these titles. (They also had major inclination for giggles and jeers depending on your perspective.)

With “Scarred for Life”, Laner and his Medicine cohorts attempt to relive the glory (and none of the fiascos) of the K-Tel architects. It is a covers album of all “killer no filler” and includes tracks from Neil Young, Judee Sill, Miles Davis, The Monkees, and um Bob Welch. It’s an outstandingly eclectic selection of tracks that always “hits”.

Per Laner himself “Come listen and hell even purchase this album of covers. Above all else, this album was really just some folks attempt to keep sane in the wake of acertain nameless fascist assuming power back in the dark days of 2016. Mind you, we love it, but the song choices have no cohesive theme and although it’s a bit noisy, we’re not trying to be all anything, or whatever.”

In addition to core Medicine members Brad Laner and Jim Goodall, there are a couple of new-not-new folks aboard this adventure that share a long history of connection with the principals. Singer Annette Zilinskas originally formed the band with Laner back in the early 90s. She is best known as a founding member of The Bangles and Blood on the Saddle. After co-writing the songs ‘Aruca’ and ‘Miss Drugstore’, Zilinskas left the band to be with The Ringling Sisters, her other band, as they signed with A&M, making her unable to sign with Medicine to Def American. Guitarist Matt Devine played with Medicine on their last US tour in 1995 as well as joining the re-formed band in 2014 at their appearance at the Austin Psych Fest. He has also played with Possum Dixon, Permanent Green Light and Ventilator.


Tickled with nostalgia, Drawing Room is all smiles to release “Scarred for Life” from Brad Laner and Company. This album of all covers is completely beyond simple reinterpretation. Laner and cohorts give each track a Medicine sized dosage of their “wall of sound” to bless and heal us all.

For those into the vinyl format, we offer a strictly limited vinyl version. Only 100 copies are available for sale worldwide. Mastered by Adam Gonsalves, each LP is pressed on 180 gram vinyl and housed in a full color gloss jacket and includes a 22x22” foldout poster. It is exclusively for purchase on Drawing Room’s Bandcamp site. An unlimited digital version is also available.

Sample and order below: 

Author: Jeff Kuykendall