"Future Exhibit Goes Here" Is A Bandcamp Essential Release

Just an FYI here... Sleepyhead's "Future Exhibit Goes Here" 2xLP is a Bandcamp Essential Release... Go HERE or see below to read more...

From Bandcamp:

"This may come as a surprise to you, but finding out about edgy new music while attending a suburban Bible College is no easy feat. Uncovering great bands who were vaguely associated with “Christian music” (a term I loathe), like The 77’s and L.S.U., was relatively easy; anything outside that took some doing. My lifelines during this time were Alternative Press magazine and the charts in the back of CMJ (RIP). It was the latter that led me to Sleepyhead’s Starduster, which sat firmly at the top of those CMJ charts in the middle of 1994, and then sat firmly in my car’s Discman for the rest of it. Future Exhibit Goes Here finally gives that vastly-underrated band its due, combining all of Starduster with its follow up, Communist Love Songs and showcasing a band with an unerring knack for heart-rending melodies and somersaulting guitar lines. Call it power-pop heartache in punk-rock clothes; “What’s Gonna Set You Free?” hurtles out of the gate, with a buoyant guitar riff that would do Teenage Fanclub proud, Chris O’Rourke’s vocals starting out timid and becoming progressively more defiant by the time he reaches the song’s final proclamation, “I’m gonna be a star!” “Solid Gold” rides a see-sawing guitar part with a bobbing melody to match, and the title track, sung by Rachael McNally, is a head-first rush into a knotty tangle of guitars that, like every song on Future Exhibit, has a chorus that burrows directly into the brain the first time you hear it. The fact that I came to Sleepyhead entirely without context ended up working in its favor. I didn’t know that they weren’t as big as, say, Sebadoh (they weren’t). All I knew was that they had a seemingly effortless ability to write big-hearted rock songs with throat-scraping vocals and acid-eaten guitars that crested, again and again, in big, summery choruses. Future Exhibit is the monument they deserve." – J. Edward Keyes

Author: Jeff Kuykendall