'Coiled Fall' - A Brand New Video from Zaïmph!!!

As Zaïmph's most spectacular album, Rhizomatic Gaze, is officially available everywhere in the universe. We now have a truly gorgeous new video to share with the realms. It's for the song 'Coiled Fall' which is the tenth track on Rhizomatic Gaze.

'Coiled Fall' was filmed on Super 8 by the extremely talented and Berlin-based Sergei Vutuc. Sergei Vutuc is also responsible for all of the beautiful artwork showcased on Rhizomatic Gaze

Watch, watch again, and repeat... 

Additional Info:

'Coiled Fall' - Written And Performed By Marcia Bassett (Zaïmph)

Video Credits - Super 8 by Sergei Vutuc; Super 8 digitization by Johnathon Peters; and Color Correction by Lita Bosch, November 2018...




Author: Jeff Kuykendall