Chuck Johnson's "Velvet Arc"....

Chuck Johnson's "Velvet Arc"...

Though not a Drawing Room release, we still absolutely must promote the new Chuck Johnson album being released by our good friends at Trouble In Mind Records. It's his first LP with a full band in many, many years... Pre-Order Here. This little beauty will be released on February 19th.

(Our "CJ-1" Cassette is also still available for purchase here in our store and on BandCamp.)

From Trouble In Mind Records: 

“Velvet Arc” finds Johnson returning to territory he explored in bands like Idyll Swords and Spatula, utilizing an expanded lineup of like-minded musicians to augment his captivating guitar stylings including drummer Alex Vittum & bassist Ben Bracken on most tracks.

“Velvet Arc” finds Johnson fading into view with opening track “As I Stand Counting”, it’s desert-dusted guitar raga appearing like a mirage as the rhythm section rises in the mix. Similarly, “Everything at Once”s picks & strums hang in the air buoyed by the steady swells of crashing cymbals & bass. Side A closer “Anamet” may sound familar to fans - the tune is a re-working of “Private Violence” from “Blood Moon Boulder”, with added cello, a long synth outro, and a more psychedelic mix overall. Johnson’s tenacity & constant evolution as a musician is representative in this track alone; he is an artist constantly in flux, refining & reworking like any good craftsman. Side B features more of Johnson’s lauded fingerpicking style on tracks like “Velvet Arc”, “Roadside Auspice” & “The Pace”, while album closer “Middle Water” hums along contentedly with violin by Marielle Jakobsons.

“Velvet Arc” is an album finding Johnson playing at the top of his game, unafraid to re-evaluate & redefine himself any chance he can get.

Author: Jeff Kuykendall