Artist: William Suran

December/November 2016

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  • What is time? Is it just a measurement? Is it a deep specific point in this vast universe? Who knows? After pause and thought, we are all just matters of molecules anyways. Still, documentation on private and personal reflections of the soul and spirit remains quite positive for those who engage in that type of participation with their dimensions. Lifting one’s body out of the primary space can be most pleasurable.

    Enter William Suran’s December/November 2016 cassette… With guitar reflections that bring the earth up, Suran’s newest release is an intimate and peaceful release from this present. It’s spacious loops explore the cerebral sensory that is both meditative and energizing. Neither New Age nor Progressive in its projections, December/November 2016 is a most harmonious release for sound travel. Yeah, it will take you there.

    William Suran on December/November 2016: “These are loop based recordings primarily structured around four creations. To ensure minimal repetition, there is no time relationship between any of the four pieces in order for sounds to organically overlap and evolve. With the constructions combined, overlays of various machine effects and minimal overdubs follow. Written when recorded, most sound designs are finished in one sitting. There is reliance and use of open tunings for necessary adjustments so that all loops comprise a complete unit. Crafted daily for extended periods, the end result is several hours of sound material which is then edited for cohesiveness and listener experience.”

    Drawing Room is pleased to release this new cassette of good vibes for William Suran. Beautiful and moving, it’s healing reverberations for the being. Strictly limited to 50 copies on cassette, December/November 2016 is also available in an unlimited digital version too.

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