M E D I C I N E - 2.0 Extraneous Out Now


Mastering both musical worlds of leftfield experimentation and the popular is no small feat. It’s even more of a challenge to bridge these two arts together, especially when the end result is most pleasing to the ears. However, these are exactly the kind of accomplishments that Brad Laner brings forth with almost every release he’s been a part of. His structures allow the listener to move through the realms of song craft with a harmonious sense of enlightenment. His sounds pleasure the cerebral realms that euphorically resonate the whole self. (And yes, it’s completely true too!)

A perfect example of this scenario comes in the form of Brad Laner’s early aughts collaboration with Shannon Lee, simply called Medicine (that creative umbrella for which Laner will forever be its leader). Though the background story to this collaboration is most inspiring, the resulting harvests are those that find Laner (with Lee’s highly trained voice) at a creative apex.

Initially considered an anomaly in a newly post-Strokes world upon release by the duo in 2003, The Mechanical Forces of Love is unforgettable. With heavy rock presence, it is a mostly electronic affair with a clear influence from the new dance culture, an idea at the time still considered nearly taboo by the establishment. Upon first release, most critics responded to the album with either bemused acceptance, outright hostility, or surprisingly, in the case of the Pitchfork, an 8.0 review.

With hindsight now available, it is definitely time to start re-experiencing all the goodness Laner and Lee brought forth way back when, and this re-introduction begins now with a new compilation entitled 2.0 Extraneous. Now, 2.0 Extraneous is not exactly The Mechanical Forces of Love. Instead, it’s a parallel universe version of said record. Some may even argue that it’s the better universe version.

2.0 Extraneous provides the listener with a re-make/re-model re-construction of the highly fruitful collaboration between Laner and Lee. In this present, these tracks sound more relevant and contemporary than ever. It’s a breath of fresh air, and you can really dance to it (mostly). Fully re-mastered by Adam Gonsalves, each LP is pressed on 180-gram vinyl and housed in a full color wide-span gloss jacket (with download) and includes a 22x22” foldout poster... 

 See link below to purchase and sample on Bandcamp.

Author: Jeff Kuykendall