Brad Laner 2xLP - Out Now

About Brad Laner:

Brad Laner is an American musician and record producer best known for his work with the shoegaze band Medicine, which he founded and leads. 

Prior to Medicine, Laner was involved in avant-improv bands such as Debt of Nature, Steaming Coils, which included members of Los Angeles Free Music Society, Amnesia, and most notably the experimental tribal post-punk outfit Savage Republic. He publicly began his extraordinary story in 7th grade playing bass in an all kid band on television with The Captain and Tennille (yes, you read correctly).

Additionally, Laner is an active solo artist, recording under the moniker Electric Company as well as releasing three albums under his own name. Nearest Suns (co-released by Drawing Room) is his most recent. Artists such as Brian Eno and Caribou sample his work. His numerous and varied collaborations include projects with Lindsay Buckingham, M83, John Wiese, and members of Failure and Tool.


At this point, writing that Brad Laner is a master of pop experimentation is just a lazy understatement. His musical works and breadth of sounds consistently push forward the boundaries and definitions of what can be contained in comfortable song formats, and it is this wonderfully successful challenge that is Laner’s greatest asset. His structures allow the listener to move through the realms of song craft with a harmonious sense of enlightenment. His sounds pleasure the cerebral realms that euphorically resonate the whole self.

With other releases, Laner has only been able to highlight or approximate this design to listeners. Destiny had other plans in mind for full sound construction. As such, if timing is so crucial for experience, the vinyl release of Micro-Awakenings is the complete revelation.

Arranged in four sidelong suites, Micro-Awakenings is an absolutely essential instrumental album of experimental pop. It is a record that purely demonstrates Laner’s astute sense of modern composition and sound exploration that is both fresh and reflective. Recorded over a six-year period from 2003-2009 in the valleys of Los Angeles, Micro-Awakenings is a full testament to Laner’s love of unraveling pop music into new electric assemblies that command a listener’s total focus. Attaining higher levels of consciousness through the time travels of sound has never been so beautiful.

Drawing Room is excited to present the vinyl release of Micro-Awakenings. Each 2xLP is pressed on 180-gram vinyl housed in a full color wide-span gloss jacket (with download) and includes a 22x22” foldout poster with all artwork provided by the highly talented Dani Tull.

The 2xLP will be available on November 11, 2016, here and on our BandCamp site. For stores, the release is being exclusive handled by Redeye Worldwide

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Author: Jeff Kuykendall